As a real estate agent, you want your name to come to someone’s mind any time the topic of real estate comes up the same way we easily remember jingles and slogans. And one way you continually get your name out there should be through posting on social media.

But how often should you be posting? Where do we strike the balance between memorable and obnoxious? What is the optimal frequency for posting to social media?

Dan Wilkerson of LunaMetrics put it this way… “To ‘know’ the BEST is an impossibility. You can only predict and measure.”

That may not be a super clear cut answer, but as Dan explains in his article, there is no end-all be-all magical set of numbers that will have our social media platforms loaded with likes, followers, and re-tweets. We must predict, then measure the results and make adjustments.

Without research-backed data, predicting is about as effective as guessing. And guessing isn’t too far off of what most agents end up doing, but we don’t want you to be like most agents.  

Below, you’ll find a summary for each major social media network covering the ideal posting frequency – based on actual studies by social media experts.